THE MISSION is to empower and engage East African cultural communities by teaching the best practices in health, education and environmental sustainability in order to eradicate underdevelopment.  Future Foundation International is a community-driven nonprofit organization that builds strong relationships across broadly diversified cultures. This group is exclusively devoted to ending poverty by supporting means to health, education and sustainable environmental practices.  The foundation’s most important role is to identify, nurture and support emerging community efforts that demonstrate effectiveness with an innovative approach.  Advancing techniques to be most effective in helping lives in need,  FFI expands community capacity to occupy social and economic justice through education. Essentially, FFI is building diversified community for change.  Future Foundation International provides the essential infrastructure and organizational framework to support the development of multilingual and multicultural classrooms. Future Foundation International seeks opportunities to support, grow and celebrate leadership to promote a more sustainable way of life for the global community.

EDUCATION: Dedicated to improving the lives of refugee students through outreach and education, FFI educational programs accelerate East African refugee student success though supportive mentoring. Future Foundation International’s standards-based strategy is designed to stimulate critical thinking skills, strengthen research and resourcing capability, increase conflict resolution tactics and provide leadership skills that incorporate proactive community building. The foundation seeks to advance and support the quest to better student lives by promoting education across the nations.  

HEALTH:  Dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training accompanied by relief and development program, FFI provides health education with the help of medical libraries of Washington to escape poverty and improve by building a quality, sustainable livelihoods through outreach and education. As a champion of the American Lung Associations campaign for cleaner air, FFI participates in the local outreach providing impoverished environments with air filters and asthma patients with inhalers. 

ENVIRONMENT: FFI raises awareness of indigenous sustainability practices, spreading knowledge among communities and institutions in appreciation and understanding of environmental management, sharing the impact of environmental damage on lives and livelihoods in addition to insights of recovery mode tactics that result in a cleaner global habitat. 

GET INVOLVED: WE ARE A FAIR TRADE EXCHANGE ORGANIZATION working for mutual gain and equal partnership. All contribution is honored and reciprocated.  Please inquire for INTERNSHIP opportunities.